iPads in Language Arts Centers – Thanks to Donor’s Choose!

My Language Arts Centers are one of my favorite parts of my day as a teacher, and the same goes for my students. It is their opportunity to work independently and show their skills, while still having fun!

I recently completed a Donor’s Choose project and was able to get 3 iPad mini’s for my ipad 1.jpgclassroom! I am beyond excited to be able to use these iPads in my language arts centers and my students are giving them two thumbs up!

I have downloaded reading, math, and science apps to use during centers. There are specials settings you can to keep students engaged and on kid-friendly apps. Once we received the iPads, I met with small groups of students to teach them how they would use the iPads. Although many of them have tablets at home, they need to learn how we will use them at school.

ipad 2.jpgOnce they understand my expectations, I let them explore within the various apps I have purchased.  There are tons of free, or low priced, educational apps! Some of my students’ favorites include Starfall, Star Math, and ABCya. I plug headphones into the iPads so that the other centers are not interrupted. The students love the opportunity to independently learn and explore through this amazing technology!

I am beyond grateful for all of the generous donations that were made through Donor’s Choose, and allowed me to purchase these iPads. I recommend that all teachers use Donor’s Choose for any project you can think of – your students will only benefit from it!



Author: missmollycoyne

For 5 years, I was a full-day kindergarten teacher. I am now in my 6th year and am teaching half day kindergarten! I love what I do and hope to share some wonderful resources with fellow kindergarten teachers.

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