Author Study – James Dean – Pete the Cat

IMG_2061Pete the Cat is a favorite character of kindergartners, but also a favorite character of mine! Pete is a cool cat who goes on all sorts of adventures with many of his friends. Pete is always learning how to be a good friend, take turns, share, and get through tough days! These fun, creative books are not only funny, but they teach wonderful morales to young students! There are so many different ways to incorporate Pete the Cat into your curriculum. Below are a couple ways I have done this in my kindergarten room!

Many of the familiar Pete the Cat stories are easy readers. These are familiar stories to the students and help them to become more confident when reading independently. When students are ready, I allow them to read these Pete the Cat stories to our class.

List of Pete the Cat Books Here!

Pete the Cat: I Love my White ShoesIMG_8600

pete the cat cover.pngThis fun rhyming book has a pattern to it, making it easier for students to read along with the teacher. Throughout the story, Pete steps into different things (strawberries, mud, blueberries, etc.) and each time it changes his white shoes into a different color. For this activity, I have students create their own Pete the Cat story. They have to choose what Pete will step in, and what color his shoes will become. This is a great introduction to the concept of “cause and effect”.


Pete the Cat: Four Groovy ButtonsIMG_8631

pete the cat cover 2This book is all about subtraction – a perfect connection between language arts and math! During this story, Pete loses his buttons one by one. Each time, he sings a song, and then tells you the subtraction number sentence. For this book, I have students create their own subtraction stories. First, they have to pick how many buttons Pete will start with. Then, they have to decide how many buttons will fall off. Finally, they answer the question – how many buttons does Pete have left?



In my classroom, I select a Star of the Week who gets to take home a Pete the Cat stuffed animal each week. Then they write about their adventures with Pete in a class journal. At the end of the year, we look back on all of the different Star of the Week adventures with Pete! Here are a few pictures of Pete’s adventures!

Author: missmollycoyne

For the past 5 years, I have been a full-day kindergarten teacher. I love what I do and hope to share some wonderful resources with fellow kindergarten teachers.

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